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Pet Culture was a interpersonal Internet game produced by Playfish that might be played out on Facebook. The overall game ranked among the most popular Facebook applications. Players could design their household pets by choosing genders, titles, colors and modifying appearances.
An individual interacted using their pets through cleaning, cleaning, petting and nourishing. Players’ dogs could connect to the other person within the “good friend” network. Dogs could go to the pets of these owner’s friends and perform activities with these house animals (cleansing, grooming, nourishing, etc.) A family pet could visit other domestic pets as much times every day as it wished. The players received cash and Paw Items on the first visit of your day to each good friend, but earn only Paw Factors for subsequent sessions. Taking part in the Daily Lottery, going to friends, winning honours, cleaning or using pets, being successful hurdle races, or bets on the results of hurdle races also provided players with ways to earn cash. Browsing friends, buying items, and using the stadium acquired players Paw Factors.
The overall game was slated to close on June 14, 2013; the server finally turn off on June 18.

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