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A cash flow identifies a genuine or virtual movements of money:
a cashflow in its small sense is a repayment (in a money), especially in one central bank-account to another; the word ‘cash movement’ is mainly used to spell it out payments that are anticipated to happen in the foreseeable future, are thus uncertain and for that reason have to be forecasted with cash moves;
a cash flow depends upon its time t, nominal amount N, money CCY and bank account A; symbolically CF = CF(t,N,CCY,A).
it is however popular to make use of cashflow in a less given sense explaining (symbolic) repayments into or out of your business, task, or financial product.
Cash moves are narrowly interconnected with the principles of value, interest and liquidity. A cashflow that shall happen on another day tN can be altered into a cashflow of the same value in t0.

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