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An impala is an African antelope.
Impala may also refer to:
Chevrolet Impala, an automobile produced by General Motors
Impala (album), an album by Songs: Ohia
Impala (DC Comics), a superhero in the DC Comics universe
Impala (Marvel Comics), a supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe
The Impalas, an American 1950s doo-wop group
1320 Impala, an asteroid
IMPALA Independent Music Companies Association, a European non-profit trade body
Impala RFC, a Kenyan rugby club based in Nairobi, Kenya
Impalas cricket team, a cricket team representing minor South African provinces
Apache Impala, a modern SQL query engine for Apache Hadoop
Impala SAS, a French company
The Jewels or the Impalas, a girl group

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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