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“Money, Money, Money” is a music saved by Swedish pop group ABBA, compiled by Benny Andersson and Bj?rn Ulvaeus. It had been released as an individual on 1 November 1976, as the follow-up to “Dancing Queen” (both from the record Appearance). The B-side, “Crazy World”, was documented in 1974 through the lessons for the recording ABBA.
The track (originally entitled “Been and Gone and Done It”) is sung from the point of view of a female who, despite effort, can scarcely keep her funds in surplus, and for that reason wishes a well-off man.
ABBA perform elements of “Money, Money, Money” are in the 1977 film ABBA: The Movie. In the favorite musical, Mamma Mia!, the melody is sung by the type of Donna as she points out how hard she’s to work to keep carefully the taverna to be able and her dreams of an improved life. Inside the 2008 film, Meryl Streep sings the music.

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