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WHAT SIZE, How Blue, How Beautiful is the 3rd studio record by the British indie rock-band Florence and the device, released on 29 May 2015 by Island Documents. After coming back from her year-long hiatus from music, frontwoman Florence Welch delivered to configure WHAT SIZE, How Blue, How Beautiful, saving material that handled personal issues and struggles. Compared to their previous two work, the album is a lot more sophisticated and stripped-down instrumentally, and comes with an assortment of musical affects such as folk, blues and gospel.
Upon release, WHAT SIZE, How Blue, How Beautiful was satisfied with generally reviews that are positive from music critics, who commended the recording because of its cohesion, development and Welch’s vocal delivery. As a crucial success, it came out on several year-end critics’ lists in past due 2015. The record debuted at number 1 on the united kingdom Albums Graph with 68,788 copies bought from its first week, becoming the band’s third consecutive number-one record, while topping the graphs in a number of other marketplaces. Four singles have been released from the album–“THE TYPE of Man”, “Ship to Wreck”, “Queen of Calmness” and “Delilah”. WHAT SIZE, How Blue, How Beautiful has gained the group five Grammy Honor nominations, not only is it shortlisted for the 2015 Mercury Award.

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