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Mad Money can be an American finance television set program managed by Jim Cramer that commenced airing on CNBC on March 14, 2005. Its main target is investment and speculation, specifically in publicly bought and sold stocks. In a very noteworthy departure from the CNBC development style prior to its appearance, Mad Money occurs within an entertainment-style format rather than information broadcasting one.
Cramer identifies “mad money” as the amount of money one “may use to purchase stocks … not pension money, that you want in 401K or an IRA, a checking account, bonds, or the most traditional of dividend-paying stocks and shares.”
Mad Money changed Dylan Ratigan’s Bullseye for the 6 p.m. Eastern Time slot machine. On January 8, 2007, CNBC commenced airing reruns of the show at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, on Mon through Friday, with 4 a.m. Eastern Time, on Saturdays.
In March 2012, this program became an integral part of what was previously top quality as NBC FOREVER in the nominal 3:07 a.m. ET/2:07 a.m. timeslot on weeknights, swapping week-delayed repeats of NBC’s night time talk shows. For the reason that form, only the training video for this program was presented on the 16:9 display with gray top quality windowboxing and pillarboxing, with all increased business information, like the CNBC Ticker, removed. Due to the arranging of local station’s 4 a.m. or 4:30 a.m. newscasts to air Early on Today depending how a stop schedules its right away coding (even if it airs at the standard amount of time in the Eastern and Pacific time areas for example, seven minutes would need to be cut-off to squeeze in Early Today and an area newscast starting at 4:30 a.m.), it is at the mercy of local pre-emption, including by NBC O&O’s.
On August 4, 2014, Mad Money was initially broadcast in full-screen 1080i HD, leading to removing the sidebar that was seen on most of CNBC’s other trading-day encoding, before sidebar itself was completely removed completely on Oct 13, 2014. The NBC demonstration displays the local widescreen HD picture, albeit with the CNBC Ticker space still filled up in with grey windowboxing.

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