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The continuing future of Money is a publication compiled by Bernard Lietaer, shared by Random House in 2001, and presently out of print out. It had been written as a synopsis of how money and the economic climate works, the consequences of modern money paradigms, especially associated with debts and interest, and exactly how it could work to everyone’s advantage to solve a variety of problems, especially by using complementary currencies. The reserve is intended to be written for the layperson, while getting light to things that only relatively few know about at all degrees of society.
Lietaer gives types of different currencies which may have been found in days gone by or are used today, and his analysis of the negative and positive effects they bring. He creates that as the modern money paradigm has both negative and positive repercussions (e.g. it induced industrialisation), these currencies can are present in supplement at the neighborhood, local and international levels, as well as there being currencies for various areas, such as medical care. Lietaer creates that to be able to optimally solve problems and create a wholesome society, the globe requires a variety of currencies inside our “toolbox”, and this otherwise we have been “painting with a screwdriver”.

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