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Pakistan’s e-trading mainly involves buying and selling goods and services using internet or telephone, through the use of electronic means such as computer, fax machine, cellular phone, automated teller machines (ATM) and other electronic appliances with or without using inter-net. Online banking, e-ticketing for air travelling, share trading in stock exchange are few examples of e-commerce of modern advancement. With its potential, e-trading can reduce the cost per transaction, increase efficiency, support contest, lower prices and boost international demand. It can open new area for business in service sector like on-line education, medical services, consultancy and data exchange. It can also provide expansion in trade through domestic and international market research, advertising and marketing. In the financial services area it can make easy and speedy transactions and transfer of money at a minimum risk. The interesting feature of online trading is that an investor simply sitting in his office or home can buy or sell through Internet via mobile/tablet or PC and before being an experienced trader he may learn a lot by watching market screens or web portals at his convenience.

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Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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