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checks and balances definition

Check may make reference to:
Cheque (“Check” in U.S. British), an order for copy of money
Checkbox, a kind of widget in computing
Check (style) (or “Chequered”), a routine of squares applied to chess boards, fabric, etc.
Check (product testing construction), a product testing platform for C programs
Check (mobile app), a mobile bank application
CHECK System, a penetration trials documentation run by CESG
Checking (snow hockey), the function of bodily keeping an opposition restrained
Rainfall check, an idiom from football indicating a deferral
CHECK, a order in SQL
Tartan, a checked out pattern in cloth and weaving
Tick (check draw), a symbol used for confirmation or notation
A radial split (instead of ‘tremble’) along a medullary ray in hardwood that can look during the lumber drying process
An imperfection in goblet that can show up during cup production

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