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Bret Sergeant Hart (created July 2, 1957), better known by the band name Bret “The Hitman” Hart, is a Canadian-American retired professional wrestler, retired amateur wrestler, copy writer and actor. An associate of the Hart wrestling family and a second-generation wrestler, he comes with an amateur wrestling record, wrestling at Ernest Manning SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and Support Royal College. A significant international pull within professional wrestling, he has been acknowledged with changing the belief of mainstream North-American professional wrestling in the first 1990s by having complex in-ring performance to the fore. Hart is broadly regarded as one of the biggest professional wrestlers ever; Sky Sports known that his legacy is that of “one of, if not the best, to have ever before graced the squared group”.
Hart joined up with his daddy Stu Hart’s advertising Stampede Wrestling in 1976, and made his in-ring debut in 1978. He gained tournament success throughout the 1980s and 1990s on the globe Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), where he helmed The Hart Groundwork faction. He kept for World Tournament Wrestling (WCW) following a questionable “Montreal Screwjob” in November 1997, where he continued to be until Oct 2000. Having been inactive from in-ring competition since January 2000, due to a Dec 1999 concussion, he officially retired in Oct 2000, soon after his departure from the business. He went back to sporadic in-ring competition from 2010-2011 with WWE, where he gained his final tournament, headlined the 2010 SummerSlam event, and dished up as the overall manager of Organic. Throughout his profession, Hart headlined WrestleManias IX, X, and XII, and participated in the key event of the 1997 and 1999 editions of WCW Starrcade – as a particular enforcer in the ex -.
Hart has organised championships in five years from the 1970s to the 2010s, with a complete of 32 presented throughout his job, and 17 organised between your WWF/WWE and WCW. He’s a seven-time world champ, having presented the WWF World Heavyweight Tournament five times and the WCW World Heavyweight Tournament twice. He put in additional time as WWF World Heavyweight Champ than another wrestler through the 1990s, with a complete of 654 days and nights as champ, and was the first WCW World Heavyweight Champ born beyond your United States. He’s also a five-time WCW/WWE USA Champ, a two-time WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champ, and a three time world label team champ (two-time WWF Label Team Champ and one-time WCW World Label Team Champ), thus making him the next WWF Triple Crown Champ and 5th (with Goldberg) WCW Triple Crown Champ, and the first man to earn both WWF and WCW Triple Crown Championships. Hart is also the 1994 Royal Rumble match champion (with Lex Luger), and really the only two-time Ruler of the Wedding ring, being successful the 1991 competition and the first Ruler of the Diamond ring pay-per-view in 1993. Rock Chilly Steve Austin, with whom Hart headlined multiple pay-per-view occurrences within an acclaimed rivalry from 1996 to 1997, inducted him in to the WWE Hall of Popularity in 2006.
Beyond wrestling Hart has made an appearance in numerous movies and tv set shows like the Simpsons as well as presenting in a number of documentaries, both about himself specifically and more about the wrestling industry generally. Hart also helped found and give his name to the major junior glaciers hockey team the Calgary Hitmen and has written two biographies as well has developing a every week column for the Calgary Sunshine for over ten years.

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