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Blind Carbon Backup (BCC) can be an option available generally in most email clients which allows the sender to send the concept to a set of BCC addresses (in addition to main recipients) without other addressees knowing about this simple fact. BCC addresses are hidden from recipients, including others on the BCC list.
This concept at first applied to newspaper correspondence (carbon duplicate) and today also pertains to emails.
In a few circumstances, the typist setting up a paper correspondence must be sure that multiple recipients of such a report do not start to see the brands of other recipients. To do this, the typist can:
Add the brands in another step to each duplicate, without carbon newspaper;
Placed the ribbon never to strike the newspaper, which leaves titles off the most notable backup (but may leave letter impressions on the newspaper).
With email, recipients of a note are given using addresses in virtually any of the three areas:
To: most important recipients
CC: carbon backup to supplementary recipients (other interested gatherings)
BCC: blind carbon duplicate to tertiary recipients who have the message. The principal and extra recipients cannot start to see the tertiary recipients. Based on email software, the tertiary recipients may only see their own email in BCC, or they could start to see the email addresses of most primary and extra recipients.
It’s quite common practice to work with the BCC field when handling an extremely long set of recipients, or a set of recipients which should not (automatically) know one another, e.g. in e-mail lists.

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