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bcc meaning in medical terms

Behavior change communication (BCC) can be an interactive procedure for any treatment with individuals, areas and/or societies (as included with a standard program) to build up communication ways of promote positive behaviors which work to their options. Therefore offers a supportive environment that will allow visitors to initiate, sustain and keep maintaining positive and advisable behavior outcomes.
BCC is the proper use of communication to market positive health effects, predicated on proven ideas and types of action change. BCC utilizes a organized process you start with formative research and action analysis, accompanied by communication planning, execution, and monitoring and analysis. Viewers are carefully segmented, information and materials are pre-tested, and media (such as radio, tv, billboards, print materials, internet), interpersonal stations (such as client-provider discussion, group presentations) and community mobilisation are being used to achieve identified behavioral objectives.
BCC shouldn’t be confused with patterns adjustment, a term with specific signifying in a specialized medical psychiatry setting.

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