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So You Did Your Facebook Live Recording. Your Next Step…

Facebook Live is a cool video streaming tool for marketers wanting to broadcast an interview, event, tutorial or just to say hi to fans on their Facebook page.

A live video can take some time to prepare, especially if you’re a big brand. So how can you maximize the value of your Facebook Live recording? I’ll show you some of my favorite ways.

1. Download Your Video

When your Facebook Live recording has finished, the first thing you will want to do is download the video from your page. This will enable you to replay it, analyze how it went, or save it for uploading elsewhere.

Here’s how you do it:

Log into your Facebook page and click on “Publishing Tools” along the top.
facebook live recording

In the left-hand column, click on “Videos” to see a list of your page’s posted videos.
Choose SD or HD (HD is better if you plan to use the video elsewhere).
Find your video and download it.
TIP: If you’re making a lot of Facebook Live videos, you might want to check out Savefrom.net. This is a super easy site which allows you to download your Facebook Live videos instantly just by entering the video URL. There is even a Google Chrome extension if you want to get really slick.

2. Make a YouTube or Vimeo Playlist

In Step #1, we downloaded an HD version of our video to desktop which means we can now upload it to other platforms, like YouTube or Vimeo. This enables you to reach a wider audience, create a permanent playlist and refer to it anytime you like.

Your Facebook Live Videos could become a series – eg: Live Mondays as shown below. Alternatively, if you are a beauty brand for example, you could address a different product or skin problem each week and turn it into a series. This gives your subscribers a useful series to watch, especially if you are addressing evergreen issues as opposed to this week’s celebrity news.

repurposing Facebook Live recordings

TIP: When you upload a video to YouTube you have a native editing toolbox at your disposal. This means you can actually polish the video before you upload it. Trim it down, include annotations, add effects, create subtitles, add a logo, write a description and select tags to make it more searchable.

3. Promote Your Facebook Live Recording

facebook live 3

Just because the video isn’t live anymore, doesn’t mean the party’s over for marketers! Whilst fans will no longer receive live reactions from you, they can still watch the recording, comment and interact with you. While it’s not yet possible to promote your video while it’s running, it’s totally possible to promote it afterwards. Americanelo

If you are going to run Facebook ad featuring your Live recording, then you should be sure about your ad objectives. Do you want more page fans, more views or more traffic to your site? This is also an excellent opportunity for you to entice non-fans or friends of fans into your page so select this as a target option.

TIP: If you choose to promote your Live video, then it’s important to keep monitoring the comments. Your fans will still be asking questions and shouldn’t feel like they’ve been left out in the cold. Americanelo

2 Twitter Analytics Tools You Can’t Ignore – get cash now

Don’t count Twitter out.

In addition to marketing your business and connecting with customers, Twitter is the best social media channel to spy on your Twitter competition.

Whether you use Twitter for publishing, monitoring, or customer service, you need to measure your efforts. Luckily, there are a variety of Twitter analytics tools to help do this.

Which are the best Twitter analytics tools with which to get started? Here’s a handy list!

1. Twitter

The native analytics accessible through Twitter.com are extensive and great to use for reporting and analysis.

As soon as you log in to Twitter analytics, you’re presented with 28-day summary of your Twitter account along with a summary of each of the previous months. Make sure to select the right date period for which you’re pulling data! get cash now

The monthly summary is a great way to get a quick overview of your Twitter performance for each month. On the left, you’ll see your tweet highlights, which includes:

Top tweet: The tweet that received the highest number of impressions
Top mention: The tweet that mentioned your @handle and received the highest number of impressions (This can include other people’s tweets)
Top follower: The account with the highest follower count that followed you in the month
Top media tweet: The tweet with photo or video that received the highest number of impressions
Top card tweet: The tweet with a Twitter Card that received the highest number of impressions (This can include other people’s tweets)
On the right, you’ll see a few key stats of your Twitter account for the month. These numbers are great for reporting purposes — to show your monthly performance and determine month-over-month growth.

Best of all? Twitter’s analytics are totally free! get cash now

2. Keyhole

If you’re running a hashtag-based campaign on Twitter, Keyhole is a great Twitter analytics tool for assessing hashtag data.

Keyhole’s real-time dashboard shows how many people posted with your hashtag along with the number of retweets, likes, and impressions your campaign generated.

Another awesome component of Keyhole is its ability to track the most influential people engaging with your keywords. You can then reach out to them to promote your content and increase your brand’s reach. get cash now

How to Massively Improve your Digital Marketing – need cash fast

Ready to grow your leads and sales via your online marketing?

The opportunity for every company to review, evaluate, and plan needed innovations for the year ahead. This is even more critical to do with a company’s online presence and technologies because the web changes and advances so quickly. need cash fast


Central to a company’s online presence is their website.

responsiveWebsite’s today need to take a few keys into consideration. First, have you evaluated a mobile user experience to your site? Depending upon your industry, mobile traffic to your site can account for 25-55% or higher of all traffic! With the massive ongoing growth of mobile Internet users, businesses need to either have a mobile site solution or a responsive website. A mobile site is a alternative, unique website that is displayed to the user when it is detected they are using a mobile device. Often this is at a sub-domain such as m.yourdomain.com. The other option is a “responsive site” where the behind-the-scenes programming adapts the site display according to the browser of the visitor. So if the visitor is determined to be on a mobile, they see a mobile friendly view of the site, if on a tablet, a site maximized for the tablet screen, and the same for a full site. need cash fast

The key is offering the visitor the best possible experience however it is they come to the site. If a user arrives to your site and is not easily able to read content or navigate, studies show they leave abruptly, and in business this means a lost opportunity. Maximize the opportunities by implementing a site strategy that works well for different devices. It’s simply good business, both for marketing and sales.

Content Marketing

Related to the web presence offered to visitors, is the actual content offered to those coming to your site. As I have outlined in past articles on content marketing, a content strategy needs to encompass three primary types of content.

1. Top of Funnel Content – Engaging & Attracting

2. Mid-Funnel Content – Content offering resources for Lead Capture

3. Closure Content – Specific offers and Sales opportunities

Content for the top of the funnel is first. This needs to be broad, searchable, and relevant content. This is “planting seed and watering” or put another way it is “chumming the waters” to attract your desired audience. need cash fast

It is content that is helpful and serves to expand and grow your audience. Think of it as the “chumming the waters” prior to fishing for sharks. It draws in a crowd and gets them excited about your site, prior to the actual fishing with baited hooks.

This post is an example of “Attraction Content”. I’m simply offering you guidance and help that can help you begin to think through your digital marketing efforts and needs. need cash fast

Attraction also applies to Social Media posts. Your social brand posts cannot be solely focused on your company, they need to be social and engage the user. People are on social media to connect and be entertained, and a business must intersect with this!

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